Birthday Donations

Birthdays are special days. At School in the Woods we value the idea of giving and allow naturalists, who are celebrating birthdays, to make a book donation in their honor. A book plate with their name on it will be placed in the book. This book can be gently used or new. Below are some suggestons for birthday book donations.

Battle of the Books Titles -
Battle of the Books List​  (Link takes you to PPLD)
Field Guides Choose guides specific to our state, region or part of country. We are currently in need of some different mammal guides, reptile and amphibian guides, and animal signs books. We do have have several of these guides, but could use others produced by different publishers. Lone Pine makes some great guides, but feel f​ree to have your naturalist pick out a guide that they find appealing.
Naturalist Biographies There are several great ones out there. Many are out of print, but can be found online for a reasonable price. The Naturalist Apprentice Series by Michael Ross appeals to our naturalists.
Acorn Naturalists This online retailer is a naturalist's dream shopping site. They have a wealth of products and gift ideas
Free Choice Have your naturalist suggest a book idea.
Remember: It's not required.