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Be Informed

We appreciate your interest in our program! Each year, we accept 78 fourth graders only. Applications are accepted during the School Choice Window the year your student is in third grade. The School Choice Window varies from year-to-year. Find out more about School Choice and when to apply on the Academy District 20 (ASD20) website.

School Choice Informational Meeting

This meeting is typically held in January or February each year. Additional information will be posted here 1-2 months prior to the meeting. If you cannot attend or have missed the choice information meeting, you can still review our choice information resources but are strongly encouraged to attend the choice information session.

We highly encourage all interested students and parents to set aside enough time to attend the School Choice Informational Meeting. Important information about our school and programs will be shared at this time. Be sure to have your third-grade child attend the meeting with you, as we really want her/him to understand our unique program and the dedication it takes before this significant commitment is made. This School Choice presentation is an important first step of the eventual decision.

The decision to attend our school is for an entire school year and should be considered carefully before submitting the School Choice and School in the Woods application materials. Students interested in signing up to be a School in the Woods naturalist need to be committed to participating in a strongly connected community that shares responsibilities while supporting one another. Our environment, limited staff, and unique programming attributes require that those students attending demonstrate safe and responsible behavior at all times while accepting personal responsibility for their decisions and actions. Each applicant should consider how they plan to contribute positively to our School in the Woods community and follow our School in the Woods RULER Charter.

Deciding to Apply

We encourage you to attend an information session and review our information packet to see if SITW is the right fit for your child. The packet is for your reference for you to discuss with your child and does not need to be turned in. Once you and your child are in agreement that SITW is the right place for your child, submit an online choice application to the district office before the closing date of the School Choice Window.

The selection of students is from a lottery drawing. There is no advantage in being one of the earliest applicants. Take sufficient time to consider the implications of School Choice and understand that if the student's name is drawn, the commitment is for the entire year. Students who are selected to attend School in the Woods will be notified by mid-April.

If your child has been selected, their fourth grade spot at their present Academy District 20 school might be immediately filled. So before applying, be sure SITW is your first choice for your child's fourth grade year.

Returning to Fifth Grade

Your child will automatically return to their home school for fifth grade unless you place another School Choice application for another school.

If your student is enrolled The Classical Academy (TCA) and comes to SITW for fourth grade, the student's slot at TCA may be forfeited. Reapplying to the wait list may be required, and TCA may not be able to seat any returning SITW students for their fifth grade year. Please check with TCA for more details about your specific circumstances.

Bus Service

Bus service from most ASD20 elementary schools to School in the Woods is provided by the district's Transportation department. It is important that students and parents utilizing bus transportation understand the School Choice transportation policies. Safe, and responsible behavior are absolutely necessary in order that all students are physically and emotionally safe to and from their schools. SITW students riding the bus currently pay a School Choice transportation fee for bus rides. This cost is subject to change. Transportation to and from SITW using this system often results in longer bus rides which may impact your after school schedule.

Out-of-District Students

SITW must accept Academy District 20 students prior to accepting students from outside the district. To date, we have always filled all available seats with in-district students. It is unlikely that an out-of-district student would get into the school given our priority policy and the number of applicants.