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Is School in the Woods a Good Fit for Your Child?

Please consider the following questions to help you determine if SITW is right for your child:

  1. Is your child passionate and curious about the natural world? 

  2. Is your child responsible, able to follow through with directions, and safety conscious?

  3. Can your child learn in an environment with significant distractions? (Animals, sun or wind, being hot or cold, being in close spaces with other students, etc.)

  4. Can your child handle transitions and be taught by a variety of teachers throughout the day?

  5. Does your child enjoy spending quiet time outdoors, and making observations?

  6. Will your child positively contribute to our school community?

  7. Would your child enjoy recess without competitive games or playground equipment?

  8. Can your child handle the emotional and academic separation from their home school? 

  9. Is the ultimate goal for your child to have a deeper understanding and respect for the natural world? 

  10. Is this something your child really wants to do? 

If you answered yes to all these questions, then School in the Woods may be a good fit for your child. 

The Living Classroom

Each year, the Front Range of the Rockies becomes more urbanized, and natural areas become more scarce. Increasingly, children live, learn and play indoors or in managed outdoor environments with limited access to wild plants, animals and open spaces.

To meet the educational needs of elementary children with exceptional interest and aptitude in the earth, life and natural sciences, we use this beautiful site as a "living classroom." Natural Science is heavily integrated into our curriculum. A significant part of instructional time is outdoors, actively exploring and learning about living ecosystems. Students make direct observations of changing weather, water, soil conditions, plants and animals. They use technology to record their findings, research and share their results with others.

If School in the Woods is the right fit for you and your child, please visit the Application Process page.

The SITW Student: A Naturalist!

The decision to apply to SITW should be student-led and then a joint decision between the child and their parent/guardian. Our curriculum is specially designed for children with an interest in natural science. Successful students have high levels of personal responsibility and a desire to build relationships and community. Lessons and student resources are academically challenging and often rival those of higher grade levels. Once a Naturalist, always a Naturalist!